Getting to the heart of Canadians

For more than 50 years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has been on a mission to improve the health of Canadians. Along with funding leading research and educating Canadians on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we continue to advocate for changes to public policy at all levels of government in the interest of building healthy communities and a healthier country.

Our corporate partners are supporting the Foundation in its efforts to eliminate heart disease and stroke, the leading cause of death in Canada. The philanthropic efforts of some of Canada's leading corporations support public education programs, fundraising events and product promotions that raise millions of dollars for vital heart and stroke research. Their contributions help fund earlier diagnoses, better treatments and new insights into prevention.

Join us, and let us show you how you can invest in a heart-healthy Canada.

Mission awareness

Women and Heart Disease: The Heart Truth
The number of deaths from heart disease and stroke are now virtually the same for men and women in Canada. The Heart Truth campaign aims to raise awareness among women of ways to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke, and give them the tools they need to protect themselves. The Heart Truth corporate sponsors help to provide women with the health information they need to evaluate their risk and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity as a health risk can be compared to that of tobacco use a generation ago. Through the support of Heart and Stroke Foundation public awareness, advocacy and research programs, our corporate partners are working to stop the growing obesity epidemic, and help Canadians live longer, healthier lives.

Each year, approximately 50,000 strokes occur in Canada; stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada, accounting for 14,000 deaths every year. The Heart and Stroke Foundation and our corporate partners are working to reduce the impact of stroke on the lives of Canadians through stroke awareness initiatives, which educate the public on stroke risk factors and warning signs.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s National AED Program is committed to increasing the number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in communities across Canada. The program is the Federation’s resuscitation initiative that supports increased public access to AEDs, community awareness of their role and the importance of learning the core skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED use. With more defibrillators installed in public spaces and more people trained to use them, thousands of Canadian lives could be saved each year. Our goal is for every Canadian to learn CPR, to know how to use an AED in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest ─ and to take action.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation supports research excellence. Our rigorous peer review process ensures we fund only the best minds and the highest-calibre research. Thanks in large part to our research, the mortality rate from heart disease and stroke has decreased by 70 per cent in the last 50 years. But with one in three Canadians still dying from heart disease and stroke today, there is still much more to do. By supporting vital Heart and Stroke Foundation research initiatives, our partners pave the way for the breakthroughs of tomorrow, leading the fight against heart disease and stroke.

Knowledge Transfer and Education

Knowledge transfer of current heart and stroke health information and research is central to the Heart and Stroke Foundation's long standing focus on public health education, professional education and building general awareness of cardiovascular disease. The ultimate goal of these programs is to inform and educate Canadians about how to stay healthy and providing them with resources and tools to help reduce the burden of heart disease and stroke.

Cause-related marketing promotions

Corporate partners can support the Heart and Stroke Foundation by creating a special promotion in which they make a contribution to the Foundation every time a customer purchases a featured product. Promotions can be run throughout the year and offer corporate partners a great way to show their commitment to the heart health of all Canadians.

The contributions of corporate partners participating in the Red Dress campaign support The Heart Truth, a campaign which aims to raise awareness about the risk of heart disease and stroke for women. Corporate partners can display the Red Dress symbol for the duration of their promotion to show their commitment to women's health.

Consumer fundraising promotions

Consumer fundraising promotions offer our corporate partners a tangible way to show their commitment to the Heart and Stoke Foundation throughout the year. Many retailers leverage the Foundation's high profile to run in-store promotions and consumer fundraising campaigns to support Heart and Stroke Foundation research, health promotion and advocacy initiatives. Participating companies demonstrate good corporate citizenship and enjoy a unique engagement opportunity with their customers, while at the same time having a positive impact on the heart health of all Canadians.

Health information tools sponsorship

Every year the Heart and Stroke Foundation develops and distributes hundreds of health care information tools for Canadians and their health professionals. Through the sponsorship of print, online and patient materials, our corporate partners help to provide Canadians with up-to-date, relevant health information, ensuring that all Canadians have the tools and information they need to protect their own heart health.

For more information, please contact Stephen Lollar at (416) 489-7111 ext. 3057.