School Nutrition

Nutrition in Saskatchewan Schools

Heart and Stroke Foundation Position Statement: Schools and Nutrition

Is your neighborhood school serving up chips and pop to students on a regular basis? The changing role of our schools places them in a unique position to influence the development of healthy lifestyles, yet few Saskatchewan schools have formal nutrition policies. This report reveals existing nutrition practices throughout the province, and suggests ways for schools to become more involved in promoting healthy eating.

Nutrition Report April 2004 (PDF)
Nutrition Report - Appendix A (PDF)
Nutrition Report - Appendix B (PDF)

Children and Youth Environmental Scan (PDF)

What are we doing in Saskatchewan? Check out this resource provided by the Public Health Nutritionists of Saskatchewan:
Nutrition and Food Safety Guidelines for Nutrition Programming in Saskatchewan Schools (PDF) and Saskatchewan Ministry of Health's Healthy Foods for My School webpage.

In addition, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has developed online resources for Comprehensive School Community Health, an initiative that harmonizes optimal classroom learning with activities across the whole school community to build healthier students and better learners.  Click on the links below to learn more.

Comprehensive School Community Health approach page -

Nourishing Minds: Eat Well, Learn Well, Live Well -

Related nutrition information sheets covering a range of topics - click here

For more information, contact:

Health Promotion Manager, Primary Prevention
toll-free: 1-888-473-4636

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