Heart&Stroke Living with Stroke

Living with StrokeTM is offered as a series of regular sessions. Each session features a video, informal group discussions and activities. All sessions are designed to help make living with stroke easier for you and your caregiver. To join a program, call the location nearest you. Please ask for the Living with Stroke Facilitator when you call.

  • Five Hills Health Region
    • Moose Jaw/all of Five Hills Health Region Dawn MacKenzie (691-1591)
  • Heartland Health Region
    • All of Heartland Health Region Deb Bowman (834-2646)
    • Biggar, Rosetown Kristi Bell (306 882 2672 ext 2220)
    • Outlook, Davidson Courtney Kidd (867-8676 ext 405)
  • Prairie North Health Region
    • Lloydminster & Area Linda Moore (820-6262); Joan Kuziak (820-6262)
    • Meadow Lake & Area Debra Baldinus (236-1500)
    • North Battleford Betsy Brown (446-6400 ext 6106); Michele Grasby (446-6400 ext 6404) & Kellie Heidel (446-6400 ext 6113)
  • Prince Albert Parkland Health Region
    • Prince Albert/all of Prince Albert Parkland Health Region April Appleyard (765-6126); Kirstie Lindsay (765-6333); Colleen Eddolls (765-6126)
  • Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region
    • Okanese, Star Blanket, & Little Black Bear First Nation Communities Louis Dickson 306 334 3500
  • Saskatoon Health Region
    • Saskatoon - For stroke survivors living with communication disorders Kim Cote-Reschny (655-8183)
    • Saskatoon - For stroke survivors in acute care Cathy Bousquet (655-8397)
  • Sun Country Health Region
    • All of Sun Country Health Region Paula Ealey (842-8315)
  • Sunrise Health Region
    • Yorkton/all of Sunrise Health Region Kyila Puryk (786-0848); Jennifer Long (786-0185); Lynnae Bourgette (786-0181); Janet Lemaire (786-0715); Lorinda Schramm (786-0178) & Karen Woicichowski (786-0163)


In each two-hour session, you will learn about what a stroke is, stroke treatments and recovery strategies. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to share your concerns. You will learn from others about what has worked for them, and offer your own ideas about dealing with the effects of stroke. 

There are regular sessions of a small group of survivors, caregivers and a knowledgeable facilitator. The sessions include:

  • Understanding Stroke
  • Physical Changes and Challenges
  • Swallowing and Nutrition
  • Cognition, Perception and Communication
  • Emotions: Focus on Depression
  • Activities and Relationships
  • Reducing the Risk of Stroke
  • Moving Forward

The Living With Stroke program is not intended to replace therapy or treatment. It will provide you with information and support to help you cope.

Upcoming Programs

  • Check back for future program listings.