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Personal experience volunteers

Description: The Heart and Stroke Foundation  is seeking ‘Survivors and Heroes’ who are comfortable sharing their personal stories with others. We invite Saskatchewan ‘Survivors’ who have experienced heart disease and stroke and ‘Heroes’ who have acted as a caregiver by helping a loved one through this difficult time. Personal stories will help us promote our programs and raise awareness of heart disease and stroke to the public and media.

Location: This position is open to volunteers throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

Experience Requirements: Any individual who has survived heart disease and/or a stroke should consider sharing their story. Each experience is distinctive and may provide inspiration to others. 

Position Requirements: This position requires the volunteer to be comfortable with the following:

 Sharing your story with the public
♥  Receiving media attention and and being interviewed
♥  Having your photo and story on the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website
♥  Public speaking/having your story read at a public event

*Note: We will absolutely respect your level of comfort in any of these activities. For example, if a volunteer is not comfortable sharing their last name, we will use just a first name and initial. If you are comfortable with your story and photo on the website but not in public speaking, we won’t ask you to do that! Please indicate special requests in writing on the Volunteer Information Form.

Time Commitment: The time commitment will vary depending on your story, media opportunities, and event requirements. This is a flexible volunteer position based on your availability and comfort level.

Benefits to the Volunteer: Volunteers will have the opportunity to share their personal story and increase awareness of by putting a “local face” to heart disease and stroke. A shared story may inspire or help someone else going through the same events. Volunteers will assist the Heart and Stroke Foundation to bring important media attention to Heart Disease and Stroke.      

Please contact our Manager, Volunteer Engagement  1-888-473-4636 or  To apply, submit our online Volunteer Information Form.

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